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The luxury of the relax

A magic location where you can take care of yourself, where every single thing is unique; Borgo Dolci Colline is the perfect site to find a peaceful and pleasant trip among the Tuscan hills.

A place full of green

Here you can not only enjoy nature, its quiet and its flavours, you can also have a great experience by visiting the next cities filled with monuments and art in general, in the middle of the Etruscan areas. Here you can have a walk and go into the woods to enjoy the silence of nature. Borgo Dolci Colline is the ideal destination to be in contact with art, natural environment and some animals.

The ideal holiday to breathe the well-being of nature with eyes closed

Our Oil

Borgo Dolci Colline owners have been producing extra-virgin olive oil for three generations, having more than 3.000 olive trees from which we derive the precious “liquid gold” of Tuscany. On demand we organise a guided tour at the oil mill, where we explain the procedure to obtain the product. At the end of the tour il will be possible taste our oil with some Tuscan bread (bruschetta)